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  • Su-Yina Farmer

Exploring the World Beyond The Game: BITS + PIXELS Reveal Palladium x Destiny Footwear Collaboration

The video game licensing specialists Bits and Pixels brokered and developed a collaboration between French footwear brand Palladium and the hugely popular action MMO, Destiny. The collaboration celebrates the release of Shadowkeep, Destiny’s new expansion, which sees Guardians returning to the Moon where the adventure takes a more sinister turn.

Palladium have created two boots inspired by Shadowkeep’s Moon destination; one design features the sci-fi Lunar Crew iconography, and the other references the iconic Taikonaut helmet—a piece of armour steeped in Destiny lore. Both feature the signature Destiny Tricorn logo, which is instantly recognizable by fans.

Making their signature “Pampa” boots since the 1940s, Palladium enjoys a rich heritage and is positioned as the footwear brand for urban explorers—tough, agile, and effortlessly cool.

“Palladium were an obvious choice for Destiny, and it’s great to find a fashion brand that has such synergy, both in style and themes.” says Su-Yina Farmer, Co-Director of Bits and Pixels. “The spirit of limitless exploration resonates so strongly with both Palladium and Destiny, it was a perfect fit. Palladium have been creating timeless yet consistently relevant footwear for decades, always pushing the boundaries of where they want to take their brand next, and we are so thrilled with their Moon-themed Destiny designs—fans are going to absolutely love the attention to detail that’s gone into these boots and will enjoy wearing these for real-world exploration!”


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