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  • Sandra Arcan

BITS + PIXELS to Represent Capcom on Brand Collaborations!

Our latest press release spills the beans on some very exciting news!

Read all about it below:

Capcom have signed Bits + Pixels Agency to work on high profile, creative collaborations on their most beloved gaming brands across Europe. As one of the leading video game publishers, Capcom have an impressive portfolio of franchises, worthy of their huge and passionate fan base. Bits + Pixels Agency have been brought on to develop high profile collaborations which celebrate these iconic gaming brands such as Resident EvilTM, Street FighterTM and Monster HunterTM, as well as placing them in front of new and untapped audiences. “We’re delighted to have Bits + Pixels come on board and are looking forward to seeing what imaginative collaborations they come up with, putting our multimillion selling franchises in front of a much wider audience” comments Antoine Molant, EMEA Marketing Director, Capcom. “We’re thrilled to be working with Capcom and are huge fans of their franchises. Brand collaborations are undeniably very prevalent and increasingly impressive within pop culture and entertainment IPs. We certainly have a shared vision of how impactful partnerships could really speak to audiences both existing and untapped, and we’re very excited to get started on some very cool, perhaps slightly unexpected and hopefully stand-out projects.” Says Sandra Arcan, Co-Director at Bits + Pixels Agency. Capcom will be joining Blizzard Entertainment on Bits + Pixels’ roster.


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